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Create Highly Engaging Interactive Online Training Courses with LightSpeed VT
Create Highly Engaging Interactive Online Training Courses with LightSpeed VT


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Leverage Our State-of-the-Art
Course Creator Platform to ...

Leverage Our State-of-the-Art Course Creator Platform to ...


Teach people what you know and make money while you sleep. It’s like a license to print money. Literally.

Train Your


The problem with most learning management systems is lack of user engagement. Guess what? We solved it.

Trusted by The Best

Thousands of subject matter experts and companies trust LightSpeed VT to help them deliver engaging and interactive user experiences on our Course Creator Platform.


What makes LightSpeed VT different

A world-class interactive experience
The team at LightSpeed VT wants to make sure you are successful using our solution right from the start.

From courses to landing pages, we have one thing the “others” don’t. We call interactivity.

Easily turn videos into interactive experiences that adapt to the learning style of your user through questions, offers, and more. With LSVT, the opportunities to monetize and train are unlimited.

Watch the interactive demo to experience the difference for yourself.

Full creative control

Quickly update your theme to match your brand, voice, and style. Go one step further and transform your system by including downloads, upsells, and more.

Deep reporting and accountability

Provide a seamless experience and ensure your users are successful using course discussions, certifications, automated progress emails, completion tracking, and more.

Over 20 years of experience

Get all the tools, integrations, and options you need to promote your course and grow a thriving community. When you join our family, you’ll join a community that’s already trained more than 50,000 companies and earned more than $500 million selling courses on LightSpeed VT.

We’re not the same. We invented the game.

Increased Revenue and Conversions

(w/ Interactive Upsells)

4x Higher Engagement and Retention

(w/ Interactive Video and Testing)

A Complete Training and Communication System

(Not just a video hosting solution)

True Accountability and Integration

(Real Time Reporting and Notifications)


Our solution is more than a video hosting service, it’s a unique interactive experience for the user and a powerful monetization tool for you. We help subject matter experts monetize their knowledge and we help businesses train their people better on the best Course Creator Platform ever built.

Creating, launching, and marketing for course creators is what we do, but getting the knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it—that is who we are.

We believe creating courses can be needlessly complicated, difficult, and stressful. A simple drag and drop ‘all-in-one’ editor can’t articulate all of your ideas, yet alone, monetize your knowledge in multiple ways. That’s what makes teaming with LightSpeed VT different.

We don’t dive straight into creation. We dive into your mission. We discover multiple ways to move the needle for your business and what influences your audience to take action.

Then, and only then, do we begin our journey, infusing everything we have learned to get your message in front of the right person, at the right time, when they are wired to take action. Not only through marketing your VT system, but inside of the courseware itself, too.


When you’re ready, we’ll be ready. At LightSpeed VT, we’re #HereForYou.

We can help you in Two Ways