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Brad Lea’s Masterclass on Sales And Closing

Cardone University

Sales Accelerator – Anthony lannarino

Maximum Productivity – Brian Tracy


Learn Personal Branding

Become a World Class Influencer
The Business of Speaking – Dan Lier
Speak For Profit – Kantis Simmons & CJ
How to Hold People Accountable – Dave
Garth Massey CommandReady training is on LightSpeed VT
CommandReady: Level 1 – Garth Massey
Cy Wakeman Reality Based Leadership training is on LightSpeed VT
Reality-Based Leadership
Lead for Now David Trichel training is on LightSpeed VT
Lead Now for Business – David Trichel
Zig Ziglar The True Performance Series training on LightSpeed VT
The True Performance Series – Zig Ziglar
Chris Voss Never Split the Difference training is on LightSpeed VT
Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss
Transforming Stress training is on LightSpeed VT
Transforming Stress – Level 1 Stress Mastery
Patricia Fripp Powerful Persuasive Presentations training is on LightSpeed VT
Powerful Persuasive Presentations – Patricia
Business & Entrepreneurship
Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich training is on LightSpeed VT
Think & Grow Rich
Daymond on Demand training is on LightSpeed VT
Daymond on Demand – Success Formula
Dale Carnegie training is on LightSpeed VT
Dale Carnegie OnDemand
Culture Matters training is on LightSpeed VT
Culture Matters Courses – Business
Motivation and Mindset
Eric Thomas Breath University training is on LightSpeed VT
Breathe University – Eric Thomas
Les Brown training is on LightSpeed VT
Les Brown Unlimited
Tim Grover training is on LightSpeed VT
The Relentless System
Dr Elko On Demand training is on LightSpeed VT
Dr. Elko on Demand
And many more…!

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SkillShop, powered by LightSpeed VT, utilizes cutting-edge technology and immersive, interactive courseware to effectively transfer knowledge to each user. Our courses offer customized learning paths and engaging learning experiences that adapt to the user in a “choose your own adventure” style.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The SkillShop is a marketplace where users can purchase informational content from LightSpeed VT subject matter experts as well as discover free training, resources, and more.
The SkillShop is available to be viewed in all active LightSpeed VT Systems and all users who create a free account through this website. Users can browse products from categories like Sales, Customer Service, Personal & Team Development, and more. These products can be purchased by individuals, and in some cases for entire locations, teams, and more. Additionally, there are several free training courses and resources available to access.
With SkillShop, you can learn and be inspired anytime, anywhere, at your pace. Whether that’s on your smartphone, laptop, or any other device.
SkillShop offers 100+ courses across a variety of categories, including sales, marketing, leadership, compliance, communication, and more. Every course has been designed to be accessible for people with little to no experience and advanced students alike. With new courses launching weekly, you can learn new skills, reignite prior passions, and go from where you are to where you know you should be.
Creating a SkillShop account is 100% free for life. You will not be asked to enter any credit card information while joining. Once inside, you’ll have the opportunity to purchases courses, however, there is no obligation. We even have an entire category of free training and resources waiting for you!

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