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Most of the Failures Happen due to a Lack of Knowledge

LightSpeed VT is a technology solution that enables people to create, launch, and market their own interactive courses and training. Our mission is to get the knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it. So we created the world’s only interactive knowledge commerce platform to do just that.

Brad Lea, Founder of LightSpeed VT

It all started with a big problem ...
and a single expert

Over twenty years ago, LightSpeed VT’s CEO Brad Lea found himself burnt out. He struggled with ways to train more people effectively and get the same results they got when he showed up in-person.

For Brad, taking his training online meant an opportunity to reach more people, while simultaneously freeing up more time to spend with family. He realized four key ingredients needed to train people effectively; good content, repetition, practice, and accountability.

So, along with co-founder Jason Straub, they set out to build the best software to deliver their own training and it worked so well that everybody wanted it to deliver their expertise. Thus, LightSpeed VT was born.

What We Do

We help you create, launch, and market your courses and training.

We have a complete suite of services; production, editing, consulting, course writing, marketing, and many more.

If you want to move fast, if you want to monetize your knowledge or train your people, if you want complete creative control, and if you want the best professional expertise that money can buy—we’re the only choice. We aren’t in the field. We are the field.

Don’t believe it because we say it. Believe it because our track record proves it. We’re trusted by the best, because we’re different from the rest.

We’ve worked with some of the most well-known industry experts and top companies in the world.

Creating, launching, and marketing courses and training is what we do, but getting the knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it—that is who we are.

“I enjoy working for LightSpeed VT because of the opportunity to provide a stimulating learning environment that generates innovation. The best part it’s a family orientated company.”

– Maria McAllister | Executive Asst. to CEO

“I love the variety of clients that I get to work with on a daily basis. Helping them take what they’re passionate about and sharing it with the world makes me feel accomplished, like I have purpose. “

– Stephanie Spray | Client Success Manager

“First and foremost, I love the environment here. The culture that has been built here is phenomenal and new ideas are always welcomed!

Also, getting knowledge and content to people that desperately need it is something that’s preached on a regular basis. This aligns perfectly with who I am and what I feel proud to accomplish!”

– Chapman Long | Licensing Specialist

“Working at LightSpeed VT is truly a team effort to deliver the highest-quality virtual training system available. Our enthusiasm for learning and dedication to our craft shows in everything we do. Our clients love us for it!”

– Keith Levenson | IT Director

Our CORE Values


We are on a mission to get the knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it

We believe everyone on Earth has a story to tell and knowledge to give to the world, and it should be delivered in an interactive virtual experience—so their legacy and their impact will be shared and remembered.

Yes, this means we believe everyone on Earth should monetize their knowledge and train their people better.

The problem?

Both are needlessly complicated, difficult, and stressful. Simply, a drag and drop editor can’t articulate all of your ideas.

Traditional virtual training companies try to launch as many courses and training as they can each year by giving them an “all-in-one” tool they are left to figure out on their own. They say they do it to make it easier, but in reality, they are only focused on more customers.

The knowledge industry will launch anything and is full of scammers who produce cheap, low-quality work. They say they do it to increase ownership and freedom for creators, but in reality, it doesn’t serve their brand to its full extent.

This is the current state of virtual training: an unresolved dilemma between high quality and creative control. You have to pick one.

We don’t believe this tension has to exist, and we stand against it.

We stand against the elitism of traditional training companies that would rather focus on the number of clients they have, than the quality.

We also stand against scammy creators and trainers that produce low-quality courseware.

We stand for anyone being able to create and launch their courses and training, while maintaining quality and creative control—and still ensuring the highest engagement and impact for their users.

We stand for this because we believe everyone on Earth should monetize their knowledge, train their people better, have creative control, and should have the best experience possible–and we want to make that happen.

We are so sincere about this, we prove it by giving our processes away for free. We’re the premier virtual training company, but if we only provided services to rich people, that wouldn’t fulfill our mission.

We believe everyone on Earth — especially the people who can’t afford our done for you packages— should be able to have access to the exact same information as anyone else, so their course or training can be just as professional as the people who can afford those packages.

If you can’t afford our done for you packages or just want to do it yourself, we’ve made it easy with a single license that allows you to monetize your knowledge or train your people.

No matter the additional services you may choose in the future, we promise you one thing, to deliver the most engaging, innovative, and reliable solution in the world.

When you’re ready, we’ll be ready. At LightSpeed VT, we’re #HereForYou.

If you haven’t seen our solution in action, make sure you do that right now by clicking the button below to see our interactive demo.